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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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the pool to save his kids, then a bizarre tragedy next. ,,,,,,,,
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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, horror in a swimming pool. this bay area dad jumped in to rescue his daughter, then he gets electrocuted. >> that little girl is in the hospital and tragically, her father is dead. >> reporter: the 911 call into palm springs police that swimmers in the pool were turning blue. slipping and drowning are all common fears around the pool, but electrocution, that one is unusual. investigators believe that is what killed bay area tech executive jim tramel and sent one of his daughters to the hospital. >> very unusual that we would have something like this happen.
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you always hear about a child near drowning. >> reporter: the drowning. >> reporter: the family was swimming in their vacation home. the child turned blue experiencing an electric shock from an old faulty light in the swimming pool. when he jumped in, he jumped to the fatal electrical current. >> this may be something that need to be looked at. >> reporter: police did not say when the tramel's pool had their last inspection, but they suggest everyone gets their pools inspected. >> they should be grounded and bonded at least twice a year. >> reporter: jim's daughter is in critical condition and jim
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leaves his family with the lasting memory he tried to protect them until the end. there were seven victims total in the pool. but police believe the others were far enough away from the broken lights to avoid electrocution. mark kelly, kpix5. a weird smell in part of the east bay brought out the hazmat crews. we sent christin ayers to check it out. >> reporter: there have been visible flames here at the chevron refinery. it is part of a process they call flaring. it started around 6:45 tonight. it actually relieves pressure during the refining process. we did speak to some neighbors out here tonight who started complaining of a sulfuric odor. a rotten egg smell. it has subsided but just to be safe, contra costa county sent out hazmat teams to some neighborhoods here in richmond to monitor the air quality just to make sure it is in fact safe. in richmond, christin ayers, kpix5. >> and in a statement, chevron says although the site of the
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flare may cause some concern, we want to assure our neighbors that occasional flaring is an important part of keeping the refinery running safely. four small earthquakes shake san jose tonight. the largest one 3.2 with the epicenter along the calaveras fault. the first struck at 8:23 p.m. the last one just before 9:00. bay area deputies were caught on camera beating a guy. when they were accused of covering it up. bribing some witnesses. tonight, this is getting each worse, andria borba has new information on a story she broke yesterday. >> reporter: tonight, the victim is accusing deputies of taking a trophy photo. we learned a sheriff's investigation rejected the first draft of the report because they didn't match what was on the surveillance video. speaking out about the beating turned scandal, alameda county
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sheriff greg ahern had tough words for his deputies. >> our policies don't include excessive beating or taking jewelry or bribing witnesses. >> reporter: deputies are accused of beating petrov in the mission district after he led them on a high speed chase in a stolen car all the way from castro valley. this morning attorney michael hadad filed his civil suit with a backdrop of a bloody broken petrov. >> it was wrong to flee the scene, but what was more wrong was deputies violating their duty and inflicting deadly force when there was no justification for any force. >> reporter: also in the suit, he accused deputies of taking a trophy photo of them after the baton blows. looks like deputies took a photo. >> we are subject to every baton strike. they have to answer for every strike. >> reporter: the net of involved deputies widened when
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kpix5 learned 15 plus year veteran shawn os borne is accused of stealing in necklace from petrov and giving it as hush money to a homeless couple who witnessed the beating. >> in the photo was the picture of the gold chain. that chain didn't make it into evidence which is one of the main reasons why that person is on leave now. >> reporter: the sheriff announced three new initiatives in his office to change the culture including new use of force training protocols. body cameras that must be on with few exceptions and a restructuring of the division. deputies are on paid leave. his internal affairs investigation can't begin until the criminal investigation is done. as of today, san francisco district attorney george gascon has not filed any charges. in the news room, andria borba, kpix5. a disturbing discovery. five animals shot with pellets in the berkeley marina.
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police are looking for whoever is behind this case of animal cruelty. a grounds keeper reported finding a cat and several raccoons over the weekend. four of the animals died. the fifth animal had to be euthanized. pet owners say they will be more cautious in the area. >> i am a trusting person for the most part. but then you come out here where you see everybody just hanging out being peaceful that somebody would be doing this. it is kind of crazy. >> berkeley police are asking anyone with information to contact them. the alameda county da has decided not to file any charges in the deadly balcony collapse that happened last summer in berkeley. six students died there. seven others were hurt when the balcony gave way during a party in june. the da says the cause, water trapped during construction leading to dry rot. victims of the collapse included five irish students, a
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22-year-old ashley donaho of rohnert park. her family expressed a statement releasing their disappointment. it reads in part "there is a deep desire for this case to act as a lesson for the other builders and avoid another tragedy like this from happening again." tonight at a town hall in milwaukee, the gop presidential candidates at times sounded like little kids fighting. >> there is no place in politics for insults, for person attacks. >> i didn't start it. i didn't start it. >> sir, with all due respect, that is the argument of a five- year-old. >> members of the campaign staff should not be physically assaulting the press. >> that is ted cruz referring to donald trump's campaign manager who was arrested today. on march 8, corey lewandowski confronted reporter michelle fields after a press conference in florida. after the police report, lewandowski grabbed her left arm. fields later tweeted this photo of bruises she claimed on
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lewandowski. tonight, he is being charged with simple battery. a misdemeanor. trump says his campaign manager was trying to protect him from the reporter. a viewer sent us a video asking how could this happen? joe vasquez found out someone stole a bag of voter registration forms that were filled out from a walnut creek starbucks. >> right here. >> reporter: easter sunday morning. bob ericson of concord was walking his dog on the ion horse trail near the pleasant hill bart station. >> it was already open. and, the forms were pulled out. i read the top line and it said voter legislation form. >> reporter: bob posted this photo on facebook. he worried there might be disenfranchised voters. >> these guys would have shown up on election day ready to vote and unable to because their forms had not been processed. >> reporter: the official
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registrar saw the facebook posting and drove to the park to retrieve the bag. someone stole the bag from a woman at the starbucks. she is a signature collector for political campaigns. she also encourages people to register to vote. a process that is perfectly legal. the thief ditched the bag in the park nearby. >> 24 registrations that appear to have been unprocessed. >> reporter: that is two dozen potential voters who signed cards trusting they would be registered with the county. >> and this stack? >> this stack is photo copies of registrations. >> reporter: copies but not originals. officials say all the recovered paperwork will be sent to sacramento county where the signatures were gathered. i spoke with a signature gatherer by phone. her name is tanya. she says she was at the starbucks just getting her paperwork together. when she turned around, the bag was gone. it was recovered at the park across the street.
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i'm joe vasquez, kpix5. these bay area students clashed on campus. tonight, the guy explains why this fight started all because of his dread locks. >> this man hijacked a passenger plane. tonight, why he says he did it all for love. >> you night want to call it the fall of the golden arches. only on 5, why so many mcdonalds stores in one bay area city all of a sudden are shutting down. h,,,,,,,,,,
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>> tonight, a man who hijacked a passenger plane says he did it to deliver a love let tore his ex-wife. these passengers arrived safely at cairo international airport tonight. earlier, the hijacker wore what looked like an explosive belt
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and ordered the flight be diverted to cypress. he let loose the hostages and walked off the plane. police arrested him. his ex-wife lived there and he wanted police to deliver a message for her. as for the suicide vest, it was a fake. some viral video out of san francisco state university. it showed an african-american woman getting in a student's face. he got confronted by her because of his dredlocks. >> reporter: he and his hair have gone viral. >> yeah, the video has over 120,000 views. >> reporter: not that he had anything to do with that. >> you say i can't have the hair style because of your culture? >> reporter: 22-year-old san francisco state senior corey goldstein says he was walking on campus and she said we don't
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want people with your hair coming to the event. >> it is not something i was prepared for. it is something surprising. >> reporter: she followed him into the student union down two flights of stairs to confront him someone he doesn't know posted the video. she grabs and puls him off the stair as he tries to get away. >> the police said i could file charges if i wanted to and it was considered battery and a hate crime. i did not file any criminal charges. >> reporter: the woman identifies herself on a linkedn page as a media intern for the students on campus. we couldn't confirm that, nor would the police telling us anything saying it was an ongoing investigation. officials are investigating as well under the campus student conduct procedure. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix5. we have new video providing
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clues into the latest graffiti attack at city hall. a surveillance camera captured these silhouettes of people climbing the west plaza wall last night. hours later security crews found these large tags on the building's main entrance walkways. we are told taggers do small hits daily and big ones about once a month. there is a surveillance camera above one of the walls that was tagged. but it didn't capture the vandal. >> this plaza is for people to come together on. the same reason it makes open inviting also makes it vulnerable to do damage to it. >> the city can no longer afford to have a special police antigraffiti unit and security guards don't work all night so the taggers take advantage of that too. seafood lovers rejoicing. in a few days you can buy some fresh local crab from the
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market. finally. bay area fishermen met today and voted to accept the wholesale price of 2.90 a pound. but you can expect to shell out about $6 a pound. and we were there as local fishermen raced to their boths ready to start the commercial crabbing season. boat after boat left the harbor and headed out to sea. big changes are coming to the way your food is packaged. we learned two of the world's largest manufacturers of canned foods will stop using cans lined with bpa. that is the stuff that was phased out of glass six years ago. now campbells and del monte says they won't use it anymore too. it has been linked to cancer and reproductive problems. well the golden arches may be going extinct in parts of san francisco. the mcdonalds are disappearing one by one. cate caugurian is outside one mcdonalds that recently closed. cate, what's going on? >> reporter: experts say it is
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all about the bottom line. that is money. this mcdonalds behind me shut down after 36 years of being open last year. and, we are learning now it is not going to be the last one in the city to close its doors. bye bye, big macs and so long mcgriddles. >> these are not necessarily failing. most of the chains, particularly mcdonalds, you are looking for strength in numbers. >> reporter: hotel and restaurant consultant dennis gimberling says the numbers are not being made in san francisco. >> the higher rent and labor cost. those are below 5%. >> reporter: last year, mcdonalds closed 154 restaurants across the country. we counted four in san francisco. 820 brian street shut down. 1455 market, 600 van ness and this one near 16th and mission.
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mcdonalds won't find a 20 to 35 year least and most of the leases are coming up. >> you are probably paying less than the dollar square foot. when that same lease comes up for renewal, particularly in san francisco where the rents have skyrocketed you are looking at rents that will be 15 to 20 times that. >> reporter: the chain is still making money. just not here. he says the makers of the happy meal are making happier profits in places like europe or asia where the company is expanding. >> they are going to get more demand in the other markets. the profit margins will be higher. >> reporter: especially in a city known for its foody culture and healthier all terntives. >> we are aware of the processed foods and what it means to get the product to your plate. >> reporter: mcdonalds customers i spoke to say the arches are here to stay. >> you are working. you are going to school and you want something quick and fast and somewhat nutritious, you know. everyone wants to go to mcdonalds. >> reporter: i learned the mcdonalds near at&t park which typically gets large crowds,
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especially during baseball season, will close its doors this year to make room for a new hotel. but, even with that said, there are still 15 open mcdonalds locations in the city. i did reach out to company for a statement, but they did not respond to my question for comment. reporting live in san francisco, cate caugurian, kpix5. >> it is not every night you see this. a seal surrounded by crime scene tape. a reporter, christin ayers and her photographer spotted this guy or gal wandering around the berkeley arena. the seal is not afraid of the people trying to help it. >> we have to call that this animal was in the roadway. now, we are just waiting for people from the marine mammal center to come collect the animal. >> it is not clear how the seal was hurt, but it did have a tag on it so it should give marine rescuers a clue about it age. >> brian hackney is in the
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weather desk tonight. it is a pretty nice night out. >> not bad at all. >> the conditions right now, from santa rosa down to san jose, clear skies reported. that will change by tomorrow morning and some low clouds coming in. rain coming later in the period as we look toward the beautiful bay bridge all lit up to night. san francisco has 52. santa rosa, 46 degrees. here is what is happening on the high-def doppler. it is all pretty much dried up. this stuff aloft and they are not looking for anything in the next three or four days. that low pressure is spinning over the nevada utah border but high pressure giving us a bit of an offshore flow. so in the futurecast while we have low clouds blooming overnight, and we will start the day with some low clouds, especially favoring the south bay. they should dissipate as the day goes on. we will get sunshine and they move right back in. seems like summertime. here is what we are expecting. sun and clouds next tomorrow. and then, a little bit warming by the end of the week. we will be in the low to mid 70s inland.
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right now, temperatures are close to where we usual are this time of year. mid to upper 60s in the south bay. we will see livermore at 67 degrees. 68 for pittsburgh. up in the north bay, we will have sunshine and temperatures in the mid 60s so it is a little warmer than it was today. that will hold true in ukiah. we are expecting temperatures in the low 70s . and in the extended forecast, look for sunshine tomorrow. after some low clouds burn off. and then thursday, friday, and saturday, the numbers warm all the way up into the low 70s so we are on the verge of a little bit of a warm spell in the bay area before things turn the other direction. by monday and tuesday next week, that is the next time we see showers moving into the bay area. there will be more snow in the mountains, especially in the rockies. we will be in the western edge of all of that. >> it is coming down. that is good news. [ laughter ] >> thanks brian hackney. tonight, the late late show
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host explains why car pool kareoke never happens. fore this newscast? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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jennifer lopez nats: (jlo cn 2:04-2:37 ) jlo: are you re corden: yeah i'm ready! jlo: jump! >> did you catch it tonight? just before the newscast, james corden's car pool kareoke? check it out. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. [ singing ] [ laughter ] >> go, go, go. well, it has been a year since he took over as host of the late, late show. right here on cbs. his car pool kareoke features some of the biggest stars singing with him in a car. we learned it almost didn't happen. >> everyone said no. we asked everyone you could ever imagine. imagine any artist you could ever come up with in your head. we asked them and they said no. then mariah carey is a big george michael fan and said i would do it. that's it really. >> adele's performance holds
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the record with over 90 million views on youtube. >> always with their seat belts on. >> safety first. >> i'm not singing in the next segment. >> okay. >> thank goodness for that. >> but i spare you and you and you. hey, warriors up next. yeah. steph curry has 356 threes this season. but, how many career dunks? hey, we will show you the team that made him work for his 67th win tonight. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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record of 67-7 sound? wasn't >> nba up top. warriors still on top. how does the record of 67-7 sound? wasn't easy in oracle tonight in front of bill bill. russell. the hall of famer saw the steph curry show. here is a steal and one of his best dunks. seventh of his career. dubs up late. washington made a run made by the dubs. capped by one of curry's six three-balls. he scored 26. draymond green. how about a schoolyard back board number? andrew bogut on the receiving end. warriors won the game.
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six more wins gives them the all-time single season one-loss record. if i could have a beard like brent burns. sharks against vancouver. they are in attack mode. as joe pavelsky gets the scoring started. then logan coture put the biscuits in the basket. first of his three goals in the game. san jose won it. the sharks are three points behind first place in the pacific division soccer? no. international soccer? we are in columbus, ohio. team usa hosted guatemala. must win. to stay alive as a world cup qualifier. graham back to the net. it was all usa. 4-0, the final. now, they have a 92% chance to advance to the final round of qualifying. you know, before the game, they only had a 10% chance of qualifying so on the strength
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of that one win alone was enough to put them over the top. >> looking good. >> yeah. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorr morn >> well, the late show with stephen cool national colbert is next. >> our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> have a good night. >> captions by:caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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>> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, welcome to "the late show"." thank you so much. thank you, tom. thank you sylvia, thomas, nicole, phil. this is nice. thank you so much.


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